ADL Romania >> Intentions

Develop training and education system of formal and informal type of Romania

1. Promoting information and communications technology in education, to support education at all levels act, effectively creating a collaborative environment between teachers and students;
2. Developing the concept of advanced distributed distance education as a form of increasing access to education and training resource, anywhere, anytime;
3. Supporting initiatives to create such centers eLearning educational institutions, governmental organizations and business;
4. Promoting quality management digital educational content type in accordance with educational standards, technical and operational interoperability to build national digital educational content.

Scientific Research

1. Participation in the conduct of research and development projects of national and international eLearning domain;
2. Building partnerships and consortia with national and international organizations and institutions to work to expand educational networks based on information technologies;
3. European fundraising for the development of computer networks and the development of educational resources in rural and disadvantaged areas;
4. Organising seminars, roundtables and summer schools on educational issues, computer science and eLearning.


1. Supporting students from families with financial problems to purchase computers to have access to education and knowledge;
2. Promoting and protecting citizens' rights to knowledge and education by opening portals to knowledge and educational resurse;
3. Support for access to high-tech schools and universities.

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